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privacy compliance action manager (PCAM)

Our PCAM solution enhances the federal agency privacy compliance review process by streamlining data management, improving collaboration, and facilitating workload management. It offers detailed dashboards that enable leaders to monitor high-priority privacy transactions, ensuring timely delivery. PCAM also provides visibility into workload composition and cycle times, allowing for resource allocation adjustments to support effective decision-making in the review and approval process.

savan DocuSense

We offer a solution that addresses the Federal Government’s document classification and search challenges by implementing Natural Language Understanding tools and deep learning models. These tools reduce the need for manual processing, handling synonyms, grammar variations, and nuanced meanings that previously required human intervention. Integrated with Robotic Process Automation and hosted on Amazon Web Services, Savan’s DocuSense efficiently processes documents from various sources, including the Internet, improving productivity and reducing processing delays.

machine learning platform (MLP)

The Federal Government faces growing pressure to unlock the value of data, which is often trapped in various forms such as documents, videos, and images. Savan, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), has introduced a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform to tackle these data challenges. This platform allows for the development of ML models at an unprecedented scale, harnessing distributed cloud storage and GPU computing in a FedRAMP-authorized environment while also implementing Natural Language processing to convert data into actionable knowledge, ultimately enhancing innovation and cost-effectiveness.

market research knowledge tool (MRKT)

Market research is an essential part of acquisition planning, which helps to ensure that the needs of federal clients are met in a timely, cost-effective, and efficient manner. However, most agencies lack a standard process for conducting market research, leading to ad hoc and manual methods. To save our clients time and money, Savan has developed the Market Research Knowledge Tool using robotic process automation and artificial intelligence tools and techniques. This tool automates key aspects of the market research process by using user-defined criteria, enabling acquisition and program staff to focus on higher-value work.

digital correspondence management tool (DCMT)

Federal agencies currently rely on manual processes for handling physical mail, which involves opening letters, reading them, and physically delivering them to the intended recipients. This approach is time-consuming, burdensome, and potentially poses compliance risks due to the volume of mail received from various sources. Savan has developed the Digital Correspondence Management Tool, utilizing digitization and artificial intelligence technologies to address these challenges. This tool automates content decoding and message routing, allowing federal clients to allocate resources more efficiently to essential tasks.

CUIcomply dashboard

Federal agencies face the dual challenge of comprehending and adhering to Title 32 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 2002, which governs Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) compliance, and effectively measuring and reporting their progress in achieving this compliance. Savan has introduced the CUIComply dashboard to address this challenge by offering agency-specific policy clarification, tracking program advancement, and delivering high-level reports on CUI Program implementation. This tool aids agencies in identifying obstacles and resource deficiencies early, facilitates risk assessment and mitigation, outlines the next steps toward full compliance, and facilitates communication of achievements during the change management process.

eComment toolkit

The Government faces increasing pressure to use data from public comments for decision-making, but manual review methods are slow and expensive due to the overwhelming number of comments. Savan created the eComment Toolkit to address this, quickly analyzing comments for critical data such as positions, sentiments, recommendations, and trends. The toolkit also identifies and groups bot-generated responses and complex patterns, providing clients with graphical insights to make informed decisions about proposed rules.

intelligent records consolidation tool (IRCT)

Government records control schedules can be challenging to use due to their size, outdated nature, and complexity. Savan Group’s Intelligent Records Consolidation Tool (IRCT) addresses these issues by leveraging natural language processing. It identifies schedule items that are semantically similar, creating opportunities for consolidation. This consolidation enhances the use and understanding of the schedules, leading to significant time and cost savings for our clients.

CUI intellicheck

Agencies need to assess the impact of the CUI Program on their policies, procedures, and training material to ensure compliance. However, the agency clearance process can be time-consuming and may take six months or longer. Savan’s CUI Intellicheck Tool can quickly identify the impact of the CUI Program using customizable technology. It analyzes policies, procedures, and training scripts using intelligent text analysis and identifies the impacted phrase and location within the document. This tool significantly decreases the impact analysis effort and is vital in facilitating the agency clearance process.

web-enabled records consolidation schedule (WRCS)

Many agencies rely on resource-heavy, manual processes to gather the interrelated information needed to maintain critical records, such as inventories, master file plans, and records control schedules. These processes, many of which are dependent on one another, are further complicated by data proliferation, a lack of specialized tools or resources, and more. Savan’s WRCS application automates the records control schedule. The tool allows authorized users to create, maintain, and update file plans; control dispositions; and access records in real-time. This relational tool allows authorized users to change content in many locations, search for records dispositions, protect personal information, and ultimately preserve public trust.

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