Our Past Performance

By establishing organic and trusted relationships with our clients and involving them in every aspect of the consulting process, we are able to deliver services with unprecedented value and cost effectiveness.

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Our Philosophy

Recognizing that the current dynamics in the public sector are driven by the increased need for cost reduction and performance measurement, we have structured our firm to take advantage of synergies between targeted consulting engagements and a unique consulting service delivery model. Our values are a reflection of this approach.


DOJ Justice Management Division (JMD)

Office of Records Management Policy (ORMP)

Directives Management

Savan Group is providing organizational improvement and transformational support to modernize and improve the Department’s Directives Management (DM) Program. Key tasks include:
  • Assessing current operations and developing best practices
  • Reengineering critical process steps for operational efficiency
  • Conducting IT strategy analysis and requirements gathering
  • Performing enterprise-wide audits of DM content, structures, and documents

Records Control Schedule Application

Savan Group planned and developed a .NET application designed to improve the management of Office-level file plans and distribute the Records Control Schedule (RCS) across the Department. Key tasks include:
  • Conducting formal requirements gathering sessions with system administrators, the DOJ Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), and selected users
  • Conducting user acceptance testing (UAT) to measure satisfaction of the requirements, assess users comfort with the system, and identify required fixes
  • Identifying and mitigating risks including existing data challenges
  • Creating a secure application distributed across all DOJ components and users
  • Developing numerous ad-hoc reports

SharePoint Tool Development

Using Microsoft SharePoint, Savan Group has created a widely-used portal for the development, distribution, and maintenance of DOJ directives. Savan Group also developed a customized inventory tool that is used by all DOJ Components to conduct a special inventory for NARA. Key tasks include:
  • Ensuring security through user authentication and permissions
  • Supporting DOJ’s requirement for widespread utilization of critical Department policy
  • Promoting collaboration through development of interactive portals
  • Automating tasks and ensuring compliance through process workflows
  • Improving management and oversight with reporting and analytics functions

Records Information Management Support

Savan Group provides direct Records Information Management (RIM) support to the senior leadership offices of the Department of Justice to assist them with record-keeping tasks. This work ensures compliance with relevant requirements, reduces risk of error, and improves access to critical information. Key tasks include:
  • Processing paper and electronic records in accordance with NARA and Department guidelines.
  • Developing tools in Excel, Access, and SharePoint to track and report on records activities and related processes
  • Conducting a survey of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in the Department
  • Assisting in the remediation of documents under preservation order or subject to an information request


EPA Office of Administration and Resource Management (OARM)

Security Management Division (SMD)

Savan Group provided strategic planning support and technical assistance to the Security Management Division. Key tasks include:
  • Developing a 5-year strategic plan for the Division
  • Developing Performance Metrics for evaluation purposes
  • Developing an integrated operational framework for security services

Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Division (SHEMD)

Savan Group conducted a comprehensive acquisition and contractor management audit to streamline processes, increase transparency, and performance measurement. Key tasks include:
  • Conducting a comprehensive acquisition and contractor management assessment resulting in 46 observations and 23 recommendations for improvement
  • Developing and implementing contract management tools and policies

Facilities Management & Services Division (FMSD)

Savan Group conducted an enterprise-wide IT assessment of the Agency’s real property asset management systems to improve performance, increase transparency, and achieve cost-savings. Key tasks include:
  • Reviewing and verifying design and installation standards including model plans
  • Developing standards for architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical, manufactured housing installations

Enterprise Acquisition System (EAS)

Savan Group conducted a formal risk assessment based on standards and guidelines for information security developed by NIST as required by the FISMA Act of 2002. Key tasks include:
  • Identifying of threats and vulnerabilities and assessing of control systems and measures
  • Analyzing and evaluating of exploitation probability, determination, impact, risks
  • Developing recommendations for controls and documentation


Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Privacy, Governmental Liaison and Disclosure (PGLD)

Savan Group is currently supporting an effort to formulate requirements, conduct a gap analysis, and develop an enterprise strategic plan for the implementation and configuration of governance capabilities in the new IRS Enterprise Content Management (ECM) environments. Key tasks include:
  • Gathering and categorizing all policy documents
  • Reviewing and comparing existing policies, procedures, and standards
  • Conducting a requirements assessment
  • Conducting a gap analysis and analyzing results
  • Consolidating and drafting recommended ECM environment
  • Developing recommendations for implementing systematic approach to managing content systems

Privacy, Governmental Liaison and Disclosure (PGLD)

Savan Group is currently leading a comprehensive effort to implement new technologies and capabilities for the IRS enterprise content management system including support for user adoption, configuration, management, retention as part of its overall collaboration and enterprise content management strategy. Key tasks include:
  • Project management and status reporting
  • SharePoint development and configuration
  • Library & content rules configuration
  • User and application support for implementation
  • Email records management and migration
  • Communication and training


VA Office of Information and Technology

CUI Program Implementation Support

Savan Group is implementing an enterprise-wide Controlled Unclassified Information program across the Department of Veterans Affairs. Key tasks include:
  • Assessing the impact on existing information systems, security controls, policies and procedures to identify gaps and potential changes.
  • Drafting a CUI directive tailored from the final 32 CFR 2002 and creating a marking handbook compliant with the new CUI markings and limited dissemination controls.
  • Establishing a self-inspection program that integrates tracking and reporting capabilities and defining a process for incident reporting and challenges to CUI designation.


CFTC Office of the Executive Director

CUI Program Implementation Support

Savan Group is providing consulting support for CFTC’s Controlled Unclassified Information program. Key tasks include:
  • Working with Records leadership and delivery teams to identify gaps between the current state and compliance with the EO 13556 and 32 CFR 2002.
  • Making recommendations around leveraging CFTC’s existing or planned self-inspection capabilities and designing an approach to build measurable criteria into CUI policy and procedure.
  • Creating an outreach and awareness strategy to engage the CFTC workforce on the marking and handling changes along with training recommendations to meet the 32 CFR 2002 training requirements.


HHS Assistant Secretary for Administration (ASA)

Delegations of Authority Program

Savan Group supported a reengineering of HHS’ Delegations of Authority Program to ensure proper disposition and alignment of Agency documents and records. Key tasks included:
  • Reviewing existing delegation procedures and processes and developing recommendations for the disposition of working (i.e., unsigned) documents
  • Creating a digital record of delegation of authority files and mapping interactions between delegations and other policy statements
  • Developing recommendations for how to categorize and organize in compliance with NARA regulations and the relevant records control schedules

HHS Program Services Center (PSC)

Process Capability Maturity Assessment

Savan Group supported the shared services provider of HHS in improving the maturity of its processes, operations, and service delivery. Key tasks included:
  • Working with service leadership and delivery teams to identify gaps between the current state and an industry accepted best-practice capability maturity framework (CMMI-SVC)
  • Providing leadership with objective data about the strengths and weaknesses of its current state processes
  • Recommending prioritized improvement plans to bridge the gaps and establish a sustainable performance-based model in a practical way

U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)

Defense Military Pay Office (DMO)

Database and Application Support Services

Savan Group is performing database and application development, training, information assurance, IBM Cognos reporting and dashboards, and system testing for the Defense Military Pay Office (DMO). Key tasks include:
  • Developing business intelligence, dashboard, reporting, and analytical solutions for Department of Defense (DOD) decision makers
  • Performing software programming, requirements management, verification, and database development services for a suite of systems within the DMO
  • Assessing security controls for government systems to reduce risk and achieve compliance
  • Conducting database reporting, data migration, and query services to DMO