Our Secret Sauce

Thoughtful integration of people, process, and technology. We call it P-P-T. Our clients call it success. No firm appreciates the linkage between PPT and organizational success like we do. The rules of the game are constantly changing. Hire the right players.

Service Line Descriptions

Our Service Lines are intended to serve one purpose—improve the condition of our clients. We recognize that for our clients to achieve their purpose, it must start and end with an appreciation for how business is conducted across all functions of an organization. Our Service Lines were created with that holistic understanding.

Management Consulting Services

Change is hard. We get it. Savan Group’s Management Consulting service line combines a big picture understanding of the mission with a pragmatic approach to enable change across all levels of an organization. We do this through a blend of rigorous analysis, proven frameworks, lessons learned, and best practices. Our services include:

  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Organizational Transformation and Design
  • Risk Assessment Services
  • Change Management and Communications
  • Business Process Design & Optimization
  • Financial Analysis and Capital Planning
  • Project and Program Management
  • Regulatory Compliance and Analysis

Information Technology Services

Information Technology (IT) should never be the goal. It’s the enabler. Savan Group’s Information Technology service line focuses on how IT can be leveraged to improve and accelerate essential core processes and optimize business performance. We are uniquely positioned to leverage our extensive knowledge and experience in IT with our traditional strengths in strategy, organization, and operations. Our services include:

  • Information Management
  • IT Governance and SDLC
  • Digital Strategy and Customer Experience
  • Enterprise Architecture & Platforms
  • Data Analytics